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Meet Roshelle

Usui Reiki Master, Certified Life & Fitness Coach, Yoga Coach, Chakra and Energy Healer

Florida Realtor

Growing up my mother would tell me, "Roshelle, you have a light within you that's been there since you were born". She would go on to tell me how she would walk me in a stroller, down the streets of Chicago's inner-city, and the toughest and meanest-looking person could walk past and their entire demeanor would instantly change in my presence.  At the time, I thought, "this is just a story that parents tell...those people would probably smile because babies make people smile."  But my mother knew something that I didn't understand about myself until recent years.  That light, my mom described was later understood as the energy that's within every living and non-living thing.  


In science the light is referred to as energy.

In yoga the light is referred to as life force energy.

In reiki the light is referred to as loving energy.

No matter the name, once I learned to tap into my light my world has never been the same!  

My goal is to help individuals tap into their own light - the life-force energy which lives inside us all.  I use an array of holistic coaching techniques to peel away any outdated programming inhibiting you from reaching your limitless potential.


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