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Ethereal Love's GROW.LOVE.YOGA plan focuses on healing the heart, mind and body

The Holistic Approach to Healthy Living

The focus of holistic health is not only a passion but a lifestyle. It's a simplistic approach where one goes back to the foundational aspects of personal growth and healing to help guide an overall happier, healthier life.  Drawing on the power of self and natural elements we can reposition and realign to attract positive energy in every aspect of our lives.


Ethereal Love's GROW.LOVE.YOGA plan is designed to focus on Mind, Heart, and Body.  When these three elements are aligned and working to their full energetic potential, we are able to transcend challenges and view them through a new lens.  Changing the vibrational energy one puts out into the world will also change the vibrational energy of anything you attract. Through the use of Reiki, meditation, energy healing and yoga you'll be able to unlock and discover a different aspect of the heart, mind and body that'll allow you to emit and return the strongest life force energy - LOVE!



When you're comfortable you're not growing!

Before you can transcend and experience love that's out-of-this world, you'll need to do the heavy work of healing what's been broken within. You maybe thinking, I am not broken and I do not need fixing.  This may be true; however, I've come to learn we all have things we need to heal and grow from.  Often times we carry trauma and pre-conceived notions from child-hood into adult-hood that shapes who we are and our experiences.  We learn to put up a shield and bury those things that cause harm deep down - this is a natural coping mechanism our body and mind uses to help us keep going.  But what if I told you, "you no longer have to carry that weight".  

GROW is all about healing your inner-self so you're able to better navigate this experience while you're here on Earth.



Because the world needs a little more love!

Love is a basic human emotion, some may even argue that it's the most important human emotion we as humans experience.  Love is something we all have experienced at one point in our lives.  For the majority of us, when we think of love, it's an emotion or a feeling of happiness and euphoria.  However, this is not always the case.  Love can also show in feelings of fear, doubt, insecurity and jealousy. When love is associated with negative energy and emotions, it can have a scarring effect on a persons heart and in essence shut them off to vital life-force energy.  

LOVE is stripping away the negative experience and opening the heart to the energy of ethereal love!



Breath life into your life!

One of the first things taught in yoga is a practice that extends far beyond the mat. It's the power of the breath.  In yoga the breath is referred to as "Prana".  Prana is the life force energy that lives within us all.  When you practice yoga, you're breathing life into your all parts of your body, your mind and your heart!  Through the physical practice of yoga one is able to challenge the body to move and be flexible.  This is a flexibility that extends far beyond the mat and opens one to the path of alignment and enlightenment in all aspects of life.

YOGA is breathing life into your body and grounding into the peace of love that connects us all! 

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