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Full Moon in Aquarius Energy Update

Welcome, this is a full moon energy update for the full moon happening August 1st 2023, in the sign of Aquarius.

August offers the rare opportunity for two full supermoons this month, the second being a super full moon at the end of the month, on August 30th. Supermoons  are astronomical events where the moon appears bigger and brighter than the average full moon due to its close proximity to Earth. Supermoons exaggerate and amplify the qualities of the zodiac sign it’s in. And the supermoon in Aquarius is your opportunity to release some pent-up frustration and act on your desire for deeper connections. 

With our sun in Leo and the Aquarius lunar polarity we are offered greater creative expression, greater individuality, and more influence in materializing creative visions reality. We find it’s  Leo’s purpose to fully live and to fully inhabit the present moment, while it’s Aquarius’ purpose to implement progress and to promote the advancement of humanity through futuristic ideas and innovative visions. 

So use this Aquarius energy, as it’s inherently focused on creating future-oriented energy for those things in your life you’ve been dreaming upon, and if you’re not clear with what you want for your future, there could tend to be some misunderstood energy happening with this lunation.

This Aquariusan supermoon is urging us to peel back our emotions and embrace our innermost feelings. Do not ignore the red flags that the moon’s light is exposing. They are being brought to our attention to help in guiding you towards the truth of matters. Once we are able to see situations and relationships for what they really are, we will know how to deal with them and handle the issues. Remember, you don’t have to rush towards taking action. You can sit with your feelings for a few days. Reflect upon what the heart, mind, and spirit desire. Regardless of the choices we make in the end, this energy is offering us clarity and the tools to navigate our journey.

This lunation also offers us support to observe our relationship with the insecurity that arises when there are no role models that we can refer to because our vision is too new, too unusual, too futuristic, and we have little to no references to guide us. 

Around this time, there are higher chances of experiencing breakthroughs and receiving groundbreaking ideas, downloads, and insights. The Aquarius Full Moon marks a time of personal and collective awakenings and reminds us of the faith and courage it takes to hold a truly innovative vision, a vision that nobody else understands just yet. 

The energy this summer is action packed as we look at other forces in the cosmos. With Venus in retrograde there is hightened energy around relationships. This energy is encouraging you to get clear on the desires of your heart and your unique value systems. Whether personally or professionally, we can no longer disregard the areas of life that lack an equal amount of give and take. Then with the meter or shower happening later this month, if you happen to see a shooting start, be sure to Manifest and say your visions  — your dreams have extra energetic support right now.

With the Aquarius super full moon our hopes and goals are highlighted, in relation to community and relationships! This is a wonderful opportunity to plant seeds for the future and watch them grow. Use these journal prompts this month to focus in on those goals and spend some time in meditation on any themes that are shown to you during this lunar cycle.

✍️Do your current relationships empower you, or trigger your inhibitions?

✍️How has your social atmosphere evolved in the past six months?

✍️If you could ask your inner child what would make them feel inspired or fulfilled, what would they tell you?

✍️Is there anything you’re ready to release during this full moon? This can look like limiting beliefs, habits, patterns, people, or environments that no longer serve you.

✌🏾& 🥰

Coach Ro

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