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Sagittarius Full Moon Energy Update and Journal Prompts

The full moon in Sagittarius happens on June 3rd at 11:41pm. And is also known as the the Strawberry moon. I bring this up because it’s  named the Strawberry moon to signify the last full moon of Spring. It’s during this time, where the strawberry seeds that were planted and nurtured during the spring finally begin to bloom and mature. Energetically speaking, these are those same seeds planted, or those things you have been manifesting over the last few months, beginning to bear fruit. 

If you’ve been following this energy the last few months, this particular lunar phase will allow you to better understand your deeper needs.  When I speak about your deeper needs, this is a direct relation to what’s needed for you to jump to your next timeline.

With the maturing that’s taken place with your seeds, yoyu’ll notice yourself being able to let go of the smaller details and beginning to expand your thinking … enabling you to look at things as a whole.

This Sagittarius moon asks for growth with your thoughts and your actions. It’s asking you to pause on speaking or thinking on things in the moment, especially if the thought is not in alignment with the action it’ll take to move to the next stage of growth in your life - this could be in your career, your business or any creative endeavor.

You can see this manifest in your life by being able to pause from the moment and really allowing time for thoughts to bloom and take consideration of how the present (those thoughts, feelings and emotions in that moment - could impact your life as a whole. OKAY…

This energy offers easy flowing clarity to align thoughts and actions to propel creative growth. Sagitarius is a fire sign so your desires, emotions and truths will rise into focus to fully understand the specific things needed to really attract abundance and new beginnings. If you’re able to listen to this clarity that comes with growth, you’ll be able to release things during this full moon that may come up. But you’ll want to really be sure you’re asking for the support that’s needed to bring it all the little pieces into alignment so you can really see the situation as a whole - see past the present to know what’s in store for you because you have the support of this energy creatively and spiritually to make the leap to your new timeline.

Use these journal prompts this month to use the supportive and creative energy of Sagittarius to see what thoughts and feelings emotionally align with the seeds you’ve been nurturing and manifesting around abundance and growth or those you need to release.

Journal Prompts:

- In what ways are you living in alignment with your broader ideals in life? In what ways aren’t you?

- What are you most grateful to have learned over the last few years?

- In that ways have you grown over the last few years? In what ways would you like to grow?

- Is there anything you’re ready to release during this full moon? This can look like limiting beliefs, habits, patterns, people, or environments that no longer serve you.

Peace, Love and Blessings

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