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Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Energy Update and Journal Prompts

The Full Moon taking place on Friday, May 5, 2023 in the sign of Scorpio at 1:36pm on the Eastern Time Zone. This full moon is being greeted with a partial Lunar Eclipse which makes it extra special. Eclipse Energy enhances the already heightened energy of a full moon. Eclipse moons can be seen as a chaotic time but is also a good time to set clear beginnings and ends.  You can harness this energy in a positive way by using Scorpio’s passion and manifesting what it is you want stepping into this new season.

Spirit is pushing us to make a decision. A clear beginning and an end to a situation or a thing that you’ve been teetering on and failing to make a decision. While this can feel like chaos it doesn’t necessarily mean it will lead to chaos. When we listen to the heightened expressions of Scorpio that shines through in love and boundary settings, you’ll find these decisions are energetically supported when made in love and in respect to your personal boundaries. During this time it’s ok to retreat within self to journal or find other artistic expressions to your energy and  what you’re really feeling deep down, to create your own loving comfort and boldness in your decision making.

Don’t forget Mercury retrograde ends May 14th but you still may feel the energy well after the 14th. Lean into the Chaos and let it lead you. This is where the magic and the growth happens. If your plans suddenly go bad, it just might be the universe telling you to make other plans.

I invite you to dig into these Scorpio Full Moon journal prompts to dig into the energies of this full moon!

  • What are you ready to celebrate during this full moon?

  • In what ways can you channel passion and stronger emotions to your benefit?

  • How can you utilize this Scorpio eclipse to bring these feelings to the surface?

  • Is there anything you’re ready to release during this full moon? (This can look like limiting beliefs, habits, patterns, people, or environments that no longer serve you.)

Peace, Love and Blessings

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