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Full Moon in Aries Energy Update

Welcome to this full moon energy update, for the full moon taking place on Friday, September 29th in the sign of Aries. 

This is a special full moon, and I know I may say that all the time because every full moon is a special period where we can call upon it’s energies to bring about increased intuition and healing energies. And this full moon does that and then some, because it’s a full super moon - which is pretty much a moon on steroids, and the highly anticipated harvest moon, which occurs following the autumn equinox. 

If you’ve been following, you know the energy of the full moon can present times of reflection to areas in our lives where we may need to heal and release. And you know that during the summer we’ve been planting seeds and doing the work to ground those seeds deep in the foundations we’ve been manifesting. Well it’s time to rejoice, and reap the harvest. 

This full moon in Aries closes out the Aries eclipse cycle and ushers in a new moon eclipse in the sign of libra, which will begin a new eclipse cycle. Here is where we begin to see the themes of balance with the sun in libra and opposition of the moon in Aries. This moon is prepping the stage for the balance that’s going to be needed for us to really reap our full harvest this next season. 

So think back to the beginning of the Aries eclipse cycle, which would have begun with the Aries new moon in March and the Aries solar eclipse in April. New moons mark a time for new beginnings and increased abilities to manifest. If you planted seeds this spring and have been watering those seeds through the summer, what you’ve manifested has been growing inside of you and it’s ready to be harvested. Use the fiery headstrong sign of Aires to be a little selfish. Slow things down so that you can decide how you want to use your harvest and move forward at your own comfortable pace.   

But be cautious not to let ego to come in and keep you stuck in old patterns. Use this fire that’s being birthed during this new cycle to push yourself past the limits of your mind and your heart. Take time and be mindful, if there were things that presented themselves during the retrogrades that just finished this summer, that were not working or aligned with your higher self. The Aries full moon is the perfect time to adjust those areas so you’re ready to embrace the changes of this next cycle. 

Allow the airies full moon to be that bright shining light, that’s a guiding reminder that you too are a powerful creator of you and your universe. 

To dig into more of the themes related to this full moon  in the sign of aries and how to connect to its energies, be sure to check out my journal prompts by spend some time with these journal prompts.

📝 In what ways can you grown into your ability to set boundaries and advocate for yourself?

📝 Is an area of life that you feel confident in and what about it brings you comfort?

📝 Do my efforts since the spring justify putting any more energy into this?

📝 Is there anything you’re ready to release during this full moon? This can look like limiting beliefs, habits, patterns, people, or environments that no longer serve you.

Visit my YouTube channel for the video energy update;

Until next time, I wish you light 💡 and love ❤️ . 

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